Jewelery Resin
For Superb Details

FormLabs jewelry resin are formulated to capture breathtaking detail, allowing you to create custom jewelry cost effectivly.

Castable Resin Burnout

Castable Resin leaves minimal ash behind after burnout for a clean void in the mold. Read our Castable Burnout Process White Paper for more information, or work with one of our recommended casting houses and go from 3D print to metal with confidence.

Standard Grey Resin

Standard Grey Resin's matte finish shows details exceptionally well, making it ideal for rapid and cost effective jewelry prototyping. Robust enough for clients and staff to handle without fear, it allows you to create an inexpensive “fitting ring” or “try on” piece to create excitement and deliver peace of mind to your clients before casting.

High Temperture Resin

High Temp Resin is designed for precision and is strong enough to withstand the temperatures and pressures of vulcanized rubber molding. It is also suitable for RTV. Leverage the power of 3D printing and use regular wax in your investment casting with this workflow.

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