DentalLab One (Coming Soon)
Multi-functional Open Material Options Bigger Print Envelope

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DentalLab One features its widest dental applications and its fine quality printing model improves dental labs’ restoration efficiency. Users can choose their own material option and parameter setting. Furthermore, DentalLab One has the biggest print envelope among current printers with the projector resolution of 75µm, and it can be run without connection to PC.

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Product Information

Product Details
Model : DentalLab One (Coming Soon)
Laser Type : N/A
Galvanometer Scanner : N/A
Print Envlope : 144*81*200mm(L*W*H)
Layer Thickness : 0.01mm(optional)
Temperature of Environment : 15-30
Power Requirment : N/A
Print Material : resin
Scan Speed : N/A
Data Import : STL
Operating System : No Need For Pc Connection
Control Software :
Wrok Space : 144*81*200 mm
Country : Syria
City : Damascus
Address : AlBaramkeh - Aljihad Square
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